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February 15, 2019 Radisson Blu, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

India Cloud Summit is the one place to explore new ideas & learn from industry experts Join us for the event that brings together technologists, executives, customers, partners & Key decision makers from all industries.

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Whether you are new to cloud or an experienced user, India Cloud Summit will an inspiration & technical knowledge for your cloud journey. We have put together a mix of thought leaders & industry experts to cover topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Alexa, IoT, Migration, Big Data and Cloud Architecture best practices.

The purpose of the summit is to network, share ideas and have meaningful conversations about how others are implementing Cloud in their organizations, Cloud migration, Devops and more.


Julien simon

Global Technical Evangelist AI/ML,
Amazon Web Services

Mani Chandrasekaran

Solutions Architect
Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. AISPL

Sudhir Rawat

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Pethuru Raj

Chief Architect and Vice-President
Reliance Jio Cloud

Santosh Shanbhag

Enterprise Solutions Architect
Fidelity Investments

Lakshmi Narayan Rao (Lux Rao)

Director & Leader – Solutions
Dimension Data India

Runcy Oommen

Cloud Architect,

Srushith R

Head of Engineering,

Aravind Putrevu

Developer Advocate

Sudipto Ghosh

Senior Engineering Manager in Docker & Cloud Development, IBM Software Labs

Karan MV

Developer Relations, Digital Ocean

Ritesh Modi

RDE Evangelist, Microsoft

Rahul Raghavan

SME - DevFactory, Societe Generale

Nagaraju Kakarla

General Manager Cloud & DevOps, Mindtree

Suresh Govindachetty

Senior Sales Engineer, Sumo logic

Sundara Ramalingam Nagalingam

Head of Deep Learning practice, NVIDIA India


15th Feb 2018

08:30 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:30

How to go from building data sets, to training models, to optimizing models, to deploying models. The full cycle.

09:30 - 10:00

Deep Learning – The New paradigm of computing - Sundara Ramalingam N, Head of Deep Learning practice, NVIDIA India

10:00 - 10:30

Sumologic is a next generation analytics and log management platform which provides full stack visibility and advanced analytics to reduce the Mean time for Identification and resolution (MTTI & MTTR). Modern digital organisations are in cross roads due to challenges posed by Digitization, cloud migration, micro services, disappearing security boundaries, very high uptime requirements and a need for full visibility into their application and infrastructure. In this session, sumologic will demonstrate how these challenges and requirements can be addressed using sumologic

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Break

11:00 - 12:00

Lightning Talk

Here the speaker will talk about the technology-enabled digital transformation vision and how the fast-evolving and emerging multi-cloud technologies and tools comes handy in fully realizing the traits and tenets of digital transformation.
Multicloud is the new normal today. Enterprises that assemble harmonized multicloud platforms now can position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower costs. But it won’t be easy. This session outlines the challenges, benefits and a clear path to adoption of multicloud management strategy.
This session will cover how Multi Cloud combines on-premise operations with services & applications running on multiple cloud providers. This enables organizations to capture the benefits of each platform while mitigating their downsides.

12:00 - 12:25

With the rise of AI/ML, every organization wants to achieve more. The fundamental requirement is get right platform to provide collaboration with in scientist/developer, high compute, security, scalability etc. This talk will show how all requirements can be achieve easily with Microsoft Azure. If you are coming from sales side then this session is not for you. We will talk code, code and code.

12:25 - 12:45

This session will give you an introduction to Cloud Native applications, monolithic & microservice architecture, show an example of breaking a monolith and dive into how the Kubernetes container-orchestration engine can be used to scale and support these modern Cloud Native applications.

12:45 - 13:45


13:45 - 14:25


Serverless is the new mantra for deployments. Iaas and PaaS are passe. Organizations are moving towards Microservices architecture for their application and they are looking for deployment models that can support unlimited scale, independent deployments, pay as you go cost while reducing their burden on operations. Serverless Technologies in Azure helps in this regard and more. In this session, we will explore all details from basics to advance to understand the landscape, ecosystem and ways to approach, implement Serverless stack on Azure.


This talk and demo will cover use-cases other than running Microservices on AWS container services - Amazon Elastic Container service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes service (EKS). These include workloads like Machine Learning, Batch jobs and transient workloads utilizing Spot Instances.

14:35 - 15:15


It is no secret that Containerization has taken the IT world by storm over the last couple of years with Docker and Kubernetes at the center of it all! Be it modern-age Microservices architecture or migrating your legacy applications to the cloud or even implementing it on-premise, Docker has a way for you to do it. As your container footprint grows, Kubernetes greatly helps you with orchestration- deploy, maintain, secure, and run your containers with ease! With cloud-native container services based on Docker and Kubernetes, now it's much easier to migrate your workloads from on-premise to cloud in a seamless manner.I would like to share my thoughts on how we, at Mindtree, have been helping scores of our Fortune 500 customers implement containerization through some of the industry best practices, migrate their apps to Microservices architecture, implement CI/CD with Docker+K8S, and make the best of IT investments as part of their Digital Transformation


With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor(Logs, Metrics, Pings, and Traces) distributed applications.

15:15 - 15:45

Networking Break

15:45 - 16:25


The speaker will walk-through the steps involved in getting a basic website entirely built on serverless using the mentioned AWS services. The session is for beginner to intermediate with a very basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS and Python.


In this talk the speaker will be talking about the essential principles and best practices for Serverless applications deriving from our experience in creating serverless solutions with real life scenarios.

16:35 - 17:30


Digital Transformation has been spoken about at every major IT event in recent years but no one has been able to articulate what it really is. We have heard about digital disruptions, innovations, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud native, etc. So is Digital Transformation all of these technologies made to work together? Or is it something else?This session will demystify some of the chaos caused by digital disruption and instead focus on the use cases for Digital Transformation. Participants will walk away with a clearer picture of what it means to be a "digital" company.


The testimonial will enlighten the transformation of infrastructure from core to cloud with increased agility, openness, resiliency and efficiency in order to offer clients a wider range of services, with better cloud governance and security.

17:30 - 18:00



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16th feb 2019

Topics Covered/What You Will Learn
  • What Amazon SageMaker is
  • How to build end-to-end Machine Learning workflows on Amazon SageMaker
  • How to use built-in ML algorithms for classification,image recognition,etc.
  • How to bring your own model,your own training code, etc.
Workshop Pre-requisites
  • AWS account
  • Familiarity with AWS services(IAM,S3,EC2,etc.)
  • Familiarity with Python

Julien SIMON

Global Technical Evangelist AI/ML
Amazon Web Services

As the Global Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Evangelist, Julien focuses on helping developers and enterprises bring their ideas to life. He frequently speaks at conferences and he's also actively blogging at @julsimon. Prior to joining AWS,Julien served for 10 years as CTO/VP Engineering in top-tier web startups where he led large Software and Ops teams in charge of thousands fo servers worldwide. In the process,he fought his way through a wide range of technical,business and procurement issues,which helped him gain a deep understanding of physical infrastructure, its limitations and how cloud computing can help.Last but not least,Julien holds all eight AWS certifications.

Date: 16th Feb 2019

Time: 10 am to 6 pm


Venue: 90-4, Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru.

Workshop-ML with Amazon SageMaker


Event Ended

Combo Offer
Conference + Workshop


Event Ended


5% on 3-5 delegates, 10% on 6 -10 delegates, 15% for 11 and above delegates applicable on early bird and regular fee. Fee is Exclusive of GST(18%)

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